Pastificio Felicetti

Address: Via L. Felicetti 9, 38037 Predazzo (TN) - Italy
Phone: 0462 501225

Born in Fiemme Valley, in the heart of the Dolomite Mountains, and with a deep respect for both the environment and long standing traditions, Pasta Felicetti is made embracing both artisan history and innovation.

Made from ingredients of the highest quality, water from natural springs, and the cleanest mountain air, these essential ingredients come together in this most distinctive pasta.

Made in the family’s own production facility for more than 100 years, Felicetti has distinguished itself for its high quality pasta making, and is renowned worldwide. Started in 1908, in Predazzo, Trento, the company was born with the tenacity, pride and inventiveness, typical of the Trento

Region, and today can produce 70 tons of pasta per day, in hundreds of different types and formats: Durum Wheat, Egg pasta, Organic, and Whole Grain.

Market leader in the production of Organic Pasta – with its own specialized facility – Felicetti goes through rigorous quality controls and testing, holding four industry certifications, ranking it at the highest quality, worldwide.

From the choice of grains, to cultivation, to how the production of the variety of pasta types is done, Felicetti manages each step with rigorous care to make sure its process brings out the best flavor, texture and aroma in each type of pasta it produces.

After testing the purity, organic and nutritional qualities of its grains, Felicetti controls every aspect of production, including mixing the flour with water from pure mountain springs and drying the pasta in uncontaminated, pure mountain air.

Simple gestures that start with a 100 year tradition, in an Italian region far away, and bring the finest quality pasta, close to you.