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Lamb Weston: Dedicated to your growth and results

The Professional
Lamb Weston is the professional in frozen potato products, appetizers and potato flakes. Since our establishment in 1950 we have been dedicated to making the tastiest premium products. We keep developing and strengthening the relationship with our stakeholders. This close cooperation results in the best products and the highest yields.

Premium Product & Service
Lamb Weston thinks innovation. We are pioneers in the development of potato products and appetizers. Our new ideas improve taste, quality, consistency and convenience. As your partner, we also provide you with a tailor-made customer service. You are at all times assured of acquiring the best the market has to offer.

Our Pride
Lamb Weston offers you partnership and professionalism. So whether you’re one of our growers, employees or customers, you can be assured that by being in business with us you work with a company which is dedicated to your future and results - results we can all be proud of.

World Player
Lamb Weston is known throughout the world for its quality, consistency and innovation. We provide customers worldwide with the best products at all times. Every day, people all over the world – in over 110 countries on all continents – enjoy our premium products.

New concepts

Start the fun with Potato Dippers
…and bring exciting taste experiences to your menu!

Lamb Weston has found the perfect solution to deliver ‘an experience’ based on today’s way of eating that will be unique to your establishment and will offer something familiar, yet exciting, that people can enjoy together in a fun and playful way. You can add your own personal touch by offering different combinations that will be a firm favourite on any menu.

6 Reasons to start the fun with Potato Dippers

  • New - Potato dippers have a unique shape unlike anything currently available on the market
  • Specifically designed for dipping - Potato Dippers are the ideal dipping experience companion
  • Home-made - The ‘Home cooked’ appearance of Potato Dippers is a winner time after time
  • Potato taste - Potato Dippers are cut from whole potatoes
  • Not too heavy with a balanced texture - Because of the thin cut, Potato Dippers are the perfect ‘light bite’
  • Finger food - Ideal for sharing platters and group dining

The Chef’s viewpoint
“By creating a dipping menu I have been able to give my restaurant a point of difference in a crowded market. By adding a range of various dips I have been able to bring different colours, unique textures and exciting tastes to the menu, which has helped to increase sales, both at the table and as an alternative to traditional bar snacks.”


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