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Catering wholesaler takes positive stock of the past financial year:

Kirchdorf / Tirol: A lot has happened at Eurogast in 2018: with the certification of the purchase to the IFS broker, the expansion of the own brand range and the "Genuss 360" theme "Wir sind Rind", Eurogast has had another very successful year , In addition, a new market hall was opened in Gmünd and three Tyrolean Eurogast companies were the first in Austria to be awarded the IFS certification "Cash & Carry plus". In 2019 things continue in a similar manner.

"The financial year 2018 was very positive for us. Our dual innovation strategy, which includes investments in the existing C + C markets on the one hand and digital foresight on the other, is beginning to take hold. Our local presence on the ground shows that we are on the right path and therefore we have been able to increase sales by 3.3%," reports Susanna Berner, uPM, Managing Director of Eurogast Austria. Eurogast Austria had a total turnover of € 362 million in 2018 (compared with € 351 million in 2017), with the fresh produce segment showing above-average growth.

Further market hall opened

In September 2018 Eurogast Pilz & Kiennast opened the Gmünder Markthalle. More than 2,000 m² of retail space was designed in line with the market hall concept of Eurogast Austria. After Eurogast Riedhart, this is now the second C + C market of Eurogast with a new concept - and the innovation wave continues. Eurogast Sinnesberger will soon be starting work on the conversion, with the opening of the new market hall in 2019. "Our market hall concept is precisely tailored to the needs of the gastronomy and hotel industry. The focus is on fresh food and on the best advice in all areas ", informs Susanna Berner. With the new store construction concept, one clearly differentiates itself from the mainstream wholesale and the well-trained staff makes shopping at Eurogast an experience with added value for the restaurateur.

Eurogast Purchasing is IFS Broker certified

Since October 2018, the Eurogast Austria Purchasing IFS Broker has been certified and can therefore offer its customers the best quality standards. The food standard IFS Broker refers to the safety and quality of trade in raw materials and products in the food supply chain. "The goal of an IFS broker is to ensure the safety and quality of products based on a uniform valuation system," explains Peter Krug, Member of the Management Board and Head of Purchasing. An IFS broker expects its traders to act in accordance with product safety and quality requirements."Our products are sourced from different sources worldwide. Therefore, it will never be possible for our buyers to come into contact with all goods. As an IFS broker, we close this gap in the process chain, " emphasizes Krug's sense of responsibility at Eurogast Austria.

Austria-wide pioneer

Since 2018, the three Tyrolean companies Eurogast Grissemann, Eurogast Riedhart and Eurogast Sinnesberger have also been the first in Austria to be awarded the IFS certification "Cash & Carry plus". Among other things, the hygiene regulations in the meat areas (certified EU cutting plants) are controlled and evaluated. "We are proud that Eurogast companies are Austria-wide pioneers and have been awarded this IFS certification for cash & carry markets. They thus guarantee above-average standards in terms of hygiene and product safety in the complete assortment of fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and fish as well as food" says Susanna Berner.

New online presence & successful webshop

Since mid-2018, the online presence of Eurogast Austria has also been presented in a new design. " Our e-commerce platforms are constantly being developed and customer feedback is immediately reflected and implemented. This makes shopping for restaurateurs customer-friendly and clear. In addition, with the Eurogast gourmet blog at, our customers will always find up-to-date inspirations for cooking, information on gastronomy and food trends, as well as exciting interviews with successful chefs and restaurateurs" explains Berner.

The Eurogast webshop is also very popular with customers and is recording growth: "The online sales share could be further increased and is just under 35% throughout Austria."

In addition, there will be an innovation in the online ordering system Best Friend in 2019 - so much is to be said: " We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have their daily catering routine," says Susanna Berner.

In 2019, Eurogast will continue to focus on the "Genuss 360" focus on cattle, which is very well received by customers. "By bringing the butchers and their know-how to the front of the curtain, we show our customers the added value that Eurogast can offer: first-class products that are perfectly processed by professionals according to their wishes. Due to its success, we would like to continue the subject of cattle throughout 2019", reports Susanna Berner. In the course of the "Genuss 360" range, Eurogast has defined four Austria-wide unique beef standards for the catering industry. "On the basis of these criteria we create for our customers a uniform and comparable quality assortment" , Peter Krug explains the intention behind this project."We offer Dry-Aged or Wet-Aged beef, which strictly controls temperature, pH and ripening time. The 'Eurogast Riegelesiegel' guarantees at least 20 days maturation, " adds Krug.


Eurogast shrimp

With the introduction of the range of Black Tiger prawns, Eurogast has been offering a unique product for the catering market since 2018, which meets the criteria for premium quality in every respect. Quality and price performance are top priorities for the Eurogast own brands, but the topic of sustainability of the products is also increasingly becoming the focus of attention. "That's why we took a close look at the production, processing and shipping of our Black Tiger Prawns from Vietnam and convinced ourselves of our high standards", explains Berner."Grown in extensive aquaculture, sorted by size, processed and packaged on site, the Eurogast prawns impress with their intense, slightly sweetish taste and firm flesh, in which they are clearly different from other mass-produced products", reports Peter Krug. For 2019 an expansion of the own range is planned.

So Eurogast looks back on a positive year and is looking forward to what is coming, adds the managing director : "The successively carried out modernization of the markets, the main theme "Genuss 360" and our innovative online strategy including ongoing implementation of customer feedback at the webshop will continue in 2019 accompany!"

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